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Kalprah Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Kalprah Innovations is a value-based purpose driven organization working on making coconut based healthy as well as non-food-based
products for people and giving back to a healthier planet with zero-waste generation. The fundamentals of the concept originated from our Indian ancient proficiency in knowing Coconut as Kalpavriksha, the Tree of Life!

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Birth of Kalpavriksha360

What frustrations or ideas led to this?
Observation from my past few years’ visits to my
native place in konkan region
Fascination towards the probable only fruit
which can contain water (the source of Life)
inside and
Understanding waste utilization as a global need



The Team

Dr. Prajakta Insulkar

Founder & CEO of
Kalprah Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

Sainand Sopte

Key Partner

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